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Mage Package Store!

  • No More Piecing Systems Together

    Our packages come with all the extensions needed to get up and running
  • No More Outdated Extensions

    Our package manager features one click upgrades to upgrade to the newest extension version in seconds!
  • No More Extension Conflicts

    Every package available through Mage Package Store is verified to work with every other package without conflicts!

Browser Our Packages

  • Getting Started Package This package includes the tools to make getting your magento store up and running a little easier.

Browse Our Magento Extensions

  • jQuery
    Adds the jquery library
  • Menu Manager
    Adds the ability to create and manage menus from the admin
  • Deposit
    Require Deposit On Products
  • Saved Credit Card
    Save credit cards with processors that support it
  • PDF Designer
    This module uses a graphical interface to design PDF templates to be used inside magento ( ex. attachment for invoice email )
  • Magento Enhancements
    Adds various enhancements and fixes for magento
  • Routing
    Delivery Routing
  • Ajax Cart
    Adds functionality for ajax cart functions
  • Label Printer
    Adds label printing functionality via Dymo printers
  • Marketing
    Adds multiple marketing tools
  • Serial Numbers
    Adds serial number tracking for your products
  • Rental Queue
    Adds a rental queue like netflix for your magento products
  • jQuery UI
    Adds the jquery ui library
  • Analytics
    Analytics for Magento with google analytics integrated
  • Recurring
    Adds updates for recurring billing
  • Form Manager
    Form manager for information collection
  • Form Field
    Adds new form fields to magento
  • Sales Forms
    Add agreements, manuals, or downloadable forms to your checkout
  • Import/Export Enhanced
    Adds enhancements for magento import/export
  • Widgets
    Adds multiple widgets for use within magento cms
  • Custom Shipping
    The custom shipping modules lets you create your own shipping methods, pricing, and transit times
  • Master Password
    Adds the ability to log into customer account using a master password
  • Sales Manager
    Create and edit quotes/orders